1. What is CUSA Fee?

CUSA is Common Usage Service Area (CUSA) Fee. The CUSA Fee serves as a service fee to cover PPMC’s costs for maintenance and supplies of common areas and facilities within the Zone.

2. What is the minimum number of years of the contract?

Lease Contracts/Agreements may be on short-term or long-term basis but not to exceed 25 years subject to renewal for another 25 years.

3. What happens to the building/structures upon the end of the contract?

Upon the expiration of the original lease term, unless the lease is renewed, the ownership of all buildings and permanent facilities/improvements introduced by the lessee on the leased area, which cannot be removed without damaging the leased area, shall automatically be transferred to PPMC.

4. Are high-rise buildings allowed? How many storeys can I build?

There are building height restrictions because of the presence of an airport and a lighthouse within the Zone. The PPFZ follows required building height/storey per areas of the Zone as provided for in the master development plan of the Zone.

5. Where is the location of the available lots?

PPMC provides the Vicinity/Site Development Map and Technical Description to specify the location of the proposed area/lot to be leased

6. Are there Grace Period on lease rentals payments?

Granting of Grace Period on lease rentals payments is subject to approval.

7. What is the water source in the Zone?

Water supply at the moment is mainly sourced from deep wells and from water delivery.

PPMC has a pending water connectivity project that will soon supply all the areas inside the Poro Point Freeport Zone.

8. Is there a public transport (jeepney/bus) on the area?

Yes. Public transportation such as tricycles, taxis and jeepneys are available.

Jeepneys plying from PPFZ to City Proper and vice versa are available.

9. Where do you power source come from?

The power/electricity of the Zone is sourced from La Union Electric Company (LUECO).

10. Where is the location for the tapping of electricity going to the baywalk cut lot? Who will provide the electric post? 

The tapping of electricity going to the baywalk cutlot will be taken from the nearest tapping point of the power source. All electrical posts, electrical wires and other miscellaneous items needed for the energization of the structure constructed by the locator shall be for the account and expenses of the locator/lessee.

11. How is the internet connection within the Zone? Are there already fiber optic cables?

Yes. The Zone has existing aerial and underground fiber optic cable and presence of the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure.

12. Can we operate 24/7?

Yes, but will depend on the type or nature of business/es.

13. Once all the leasable areas of Poro Point Freeport Zone including the Poro Point Baywalk Cut lots have been occupied, where will be the Parking Area?

Provision for parking area/space are provided for in the Comprehensive Integrated Master Development Plan (CIMDP) of the Zone.

14. Does water sports activities like kayaking, surfing, jet skiing allowed?

Yes. Thunderbird Resorts can accommodate water sports activities such as kayaking and jet skiing. As for surfing, further study of possible surfing spots is still needed.

 15. For the Poro Point Baywalk Commercial Strip: Technical Side – how will be the orientation of the 20 m x 20 m (400sq.m.) on the lots that seemed to be less than 20m on one side.

The facade of the building or main entrance of the building will face the sea or the Poro Point Baywalk bicycle lane.

16. Where will a prospective locator apply for Business Permit and other permits needed from construction phase to operational phase?

All businesses and enterprises operating within the PPFZ must secure its Certificate of Registration and/or Permit to Operate with PPMC which is equivalent to Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit issued by LGUs.

PPMC also has its own Building Official for the processing and issuance of Building Permit and Occupancy Permit.

17. How long does it take for a lease application and/or business proposal to be processed?

Upon receipt of complete documentary requirements, the processing time is seventeen (17) working days. You may refer to the PPMC Citizen’s Charter posted at the PPMC website for the detailed processing time.

18. I need more information on the requirements and procedures for lease application.

Please refer to the PPMC Citizen’s Charter posted at the PPMC website and available at the PPMC Office for complete information on requirements and procedures for lease applications.

19. Is the San Fernando Airport operational? Are there available commercial flights?

Yes. The San Fernando Airport operates Monday to Sunday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

No commercial flights available at the moment but chartered flights are available. 

20. Is Poro Point under PEZA?

No. Poro Point Management Corporation (PPMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). BCDA/PPMC operates and manages its own freeport zone, the Poro Point Freeport Zone, which is not within the jurisdiction of PEZA.